Is There Really Such A Thing As Luck?

LuckFirst, I'd like to say that there are reasons for everything that goes on in our lives.  We sometimes think that it's luck that things happen, or perhaps some think that they can cause anything to happen on their own.  I'd like to point you in a different way of thinking about these older, myth-laiden opinions.

So many times, luck is associated with the Irish.  "Luck of the Irish" seems to be posted all over the internet.  There are songs about it, and even television series about it.  So why is this word so engrained into our society?

I'd be the first to admit that when I was growing up, I managed to say a few phrases containing the word, "luck" in them.  I'm sure you've heard them too!

"Ahh! you're just lucky!" or "He/She had the luck of the draw"

Conversely, you would say something like "If you allow a black cats shadow to cross your path, you will have bad luck" or "if you walk under a ladder, it's 7 years bad luck!"

Now I realize that some of this is superstition.  My question to you is why do we listen and agree with superstition.  Could we really be that blinded in our culture to accept things that are not what we are taught in the Bible?

Does the word "luck" or any form of it exist in the Bible?




How then can we be so religious in calling out to others that they were full of luck?  Might I suggest that instead of us being lucky - which implies you agree with superstition - why don't we start telling people that they are blessed?  Is it too religious of a concept or word to say?

It seems that there iseither blessing or curse.  It was a very well-known musician by the name of John Lennon, who said, "There is no luck, only blessing".

Just Plain Ol' Words...Luck?!

If we begin to say that we have blessing or curse in our lives rather than luck, how many more of our words should be changing?  There is big evidence that our words are much more powerful than what the media would have you believe - even our pastors in our churches (people not buildings) don't preach this in a manner that needs to be preached.

Here's just a couple of things that come to mind when I think of how powerful our words are in our lives.  When God created our world, what does the bible say happened and by that I mean how did it happen?

Genesis 1:3,6,9,14,20 & 24 (NIV) all say "And God said...".  So the way in which our world was created was by God speaking it into existence. So that has got to have a big impact on how we need to be talking to others, ourselves, and in prayer with God.  We have the power to create with our words.

Another instance that comes to mind in the bible is not how God created the world with His words, but how the Anti-christ comes to power in the end times -- you guessed it -- with his words.

Revelation 13:6 NIV says "And he spoke terrible words of blasphemy against God, slandering his name and his dwelling--that is, those who dwell in heaven."

He gets his power with his haughty and blasphemous words spoken against God.  He speaks into existence a peace treaty that Israel accepts.  It's all words that create our destiny.  It's all words that we use on a daily basis, and where do these words come from?  I dare to say that our words come from our thoughts.  We are told to capture each and every thought, measure it and decide whether or not to give life to those thoughts.

So, in closing, I challenge you to begin to stop using the word "luck" or even take a second look at why you say the word, luck.  It could change your whole outlook on life, if you change your language.

Blessings to you,






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